Fluffy the Destoryer

This is my Leopard Gecko. I got him from a friend of mine’s mom who had him for her grandson. She asked me if I wanted him because she felt I might have more time for him. I had never had a reptile before. My dad had an iguana at one time. He was a little bastard that liked to hit me with his tail in the head. I miss Cheech. I studied up and said sure I’ll take him. His name was Bugs. I’m like oh that’s so changing. The week before I got him I was sick and on Nyquil. I came up with Fluffy the destroyer. 

Pretty much that became my trip down the rabbit hole. Not even a month after him I started going to Repticon and getting tarantulas. I don’t handle him but he does enjoy having his head pet and under the chin pet. He is almost 3 years old now. Oh and I have had it confirmed he is a he by someone that breeds Leopard Geckos. He does have gorgeous eyes. Black with emerald green lines in it. And he loves his was worms for a treaties. I have also taught him to eat from tongs. Took me a month but I was proud of him. 


Welcome To My World

Hello all. My name is Genna and I want to share my little ones with the world. I have 21 animals currently. Yes 21. 2 Chihuahuas. 1 Leopard Gecko. and 18 Tarantulas. Yes you heard it. 18 Tarantulas. I know someone will say ewww and scream. And I even have some people that won’t even stop by any more or avoid one wall in my apartment due to them but they are not that bad. I’ve been collecting them for a little over a year. I have New World and Old World tarantulas. I will post up detailed things and images (if I can get them) about my tarantulas along with care and different places to get them. I will also post about my boys, Brodie and Kiwi probably more than the tarantulas. 13266098_10156984193290451_4097346904201765429_n