Brodie the Chihuahua

Brodie is my first dog I’ve ever had. I got him in July of 2014 right after I moved into a new apartment. I got him from a friend of a friend. I only saw pics of him and had one brief meeting with him. When I got him home we bonded. I got a message a couple days later and turns out Brodie bad knocked up their female. Brodie has a boy and a girl. I got Brodie fixed so that wouldn’t happen again. Poor thing had such bad teeth he is now missing a few including is 2 front teeth. He thinks he is a 90 lb dog that owns the whole complex. I had him certified as an Emotional Support Animal. I never believed in love at first sight. Then I got Brodie. He is 6lb of love. And loves to steal my blankets. Also when he pees he does a handstand. For my first dog he is awesome. I also got his face and name tattooed on me. I love him to pieces.