Brodie the Chihuahua

Brodie is my first dog I’ve ever had. I got him in July of 2014 right after I moved into a new apartment. I got him from a friend of a friend. I only saw pics of him and had one brief meeting with him. When I got him home we bonded. I got a message a couple days later and turns out Brodie bad knocked up their female. Brodie has a boy and a girl. I got Brodie fixed so that wouldn’t happen again. Poor thing had such bad teeth he is now missing a few including is 2 front teeth. He thinks he is a 90 lb dog that owns the whole complex. I had him certified as an Emotional Support Animal. I never believed in love at first sight. Then I got Brodie. He is 6lb of love. And loves to steal my blankets. Also when he pees he does a handstand. For my first dog he is awesome. I also got his face and name tattooed on me. I love him to pieces. 


Online Tarantula Shops

Sometimes we have to look online to obtain our tarantulas. I have a couple of places that I have ordered from that I highly recommend. Don’t get me wrong, you can get tarantulas at local stores but certain tarantulas are harder to come by so you have to look to the internet to find them. It helps to know who is a great place to buy from. I have 3 I personal trust. My tarantulas arrived alive and in good health and are thriving. I’ve done the online shopping at least 4 times.

First one is Ken the Bug Guy. Very awesome. He is on the west coast. He has a vast selection. I just got my Regal Jumping Spider from him yesterday and she is doing wonderfully. I know several people that order from him. I’ve gotten a total of 6 tarantulas from him. My spider bro has gotten the same I do believe. We generally order together since we opt for overnight shipping. I do recommend overnight shipping. He guarantees live arrivals. If they aren’t alive you can contact him for a replacement.

Second is Fear Not Tarantulas. They are on the east coast. We’ve done only 1 order from them. Overnight of course. We each got orange baboon tarantulas and pink zebra beautys. The PZBs are difficult to come by so we opted to go with them. They came in alive and still thriving. My OBT is getting larger. My PZB is still a wee one but they are dwarf tarantulas. I recommend them as well.

Third is J & T Reptiles and Exotics. We’ve done 1 online order with them but as they are in Florida we see them at Repticon 3 times a year in Tampa. Great people to talk to. I would say 8 of my tarantulas are from them. All are doing wonderfully.

My newest baby, Elizabeth Bathory the regal jumping spider

Yes I really named her after the countess. I’m kinda twisted when it comes to giving my most docile babies names that don’t fit. She is a Phiddippus Regius aka Regal Jumping Spider. I’ve always wanted one and got one this morning from online at store. She is a she. And she does have a boyfriend that my spider bro has named Pequito. 

Fluffy the Destoryer

This is my Leopard Gecko. I got him from a friend of mine’s mom who had him for her grandson. She asked me if I wanted him because she felt I might have more time for him. I had never had a reptile before. My dad had an iguana at one time. He was a little bastard that liked to hit me with his tail in the head. I miss Cheech. I studied up and said sure I’ll take him. His name was Bugs. I’m like oh that’s so changing. The week before I got him I was sick and on Nyquil. I came up with Fluffy the destroyer. 

Pretty much that became my trip down the rabbit hole. Not even a month after him I started going to Repticon and getting tarantulas. I don’t handle him but he does enjoy having his head pet and under the chin pet. He is almost 3 years old now. Oh and I have had it confirmed he is a he by someone that breeds Leopard Geckos. He does have gorgeous eyes. Black with emerald green lines in it. And he loves his was worms for a treaties. I have also taught him to eat from tongs. Took me a month but I was proud of him. 

Tarantula Remodel

Some tarantulas are content with how you set their tanks. They just go about their way being well a tarantula. Some however like to feng shui. Or as I like to call it throw tantrums and dig up everything and move everything around.

This is the tank of Coffee. She is a curly hair tarantula. Also she is a burrower so she likes to be underground. Well normally there is a tiny mountain of dirt. I looked in the other day and the leaves were gone and the water dish was buried and dirt was flung around. I like my spring cleaning but damn.