Fluffy the Destoryer

This is my Leopard Gecko. I got him from a friend of mine’s mom who had him for her grandson. She asked me if I wanted him because she felt I might have more time for him. I had never had a reptile before. My dad had an iguana at one time. He was a little bastard that liked to hit me with his tail in the head. I miss Cheech. I studied up and said sure I’ll take him. His name was Bugs. I’m like oh that’s so changing. The week before I got him I was sick and on Nyquil. I came up with Fluffy the destroyer. 

Pretty much that became my trip down the rabbit hole. Not even a month after him I started going to Repticon and getting tarantulas. I don’t handle him but he does enjoy having his head pet and under the chin pet. He is almost 3 years old now. Oh and I have had it confirmed he is a he by someone that breeds Leopard Geckos. He does have gorgeous eyes. Black with emerald green lines in it. And he loves his was worms for a treaties. I have also taught him to eat from tongs. Took me a month but I was proud of him. 


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