Spreading the Tarantula Love

Bugs in general get such bad reps. I’ll even admit they use to creep me out a bit. I even have a friend that he screams like a little girl if a spider is around. It’s very funny. Now if I see a spider in my apartment and I realize it isn’t one of mine that has escaped I will offer it whatever food I have available. Some species are very docile. Like Rose Hairs or Pink Zebra Beauty. You have some that are very defensive and will either hide or escape or fling hairs like a Mexican Red Knee. Of course any tarantula can bite. Thankfully I have not been biten but I am not cocky enough to think I will never be either. It helps to be able to understand the tarantulas better so you can anticipate what may happen. Like a Cobalt Blue or Orange Baboon, you need to be respectful of them. I have both of these. I wouldn’t have gotten them if I didn’t think I was confident I could care for them to the best of my abilities. All of my tarantulas are well cared for. I keep them on strict feeding schedules. I spot clean their tanks. 

And lastly I found this great shirt on Etsy that shows a tartantula holding a sign saying free hugs. I got this shirt and love it. A must for any tarantula owner.



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